Senior Service Assistants  LLC
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Making Your Life Easier is Our First Priority! 

We not only promise to handle everything for you, but that you will never have to worry about cleaning up after the movers leave.  We'll think of everything for you.

Our Menu of Services Include:

Face-to-Face Meeting
No two moves are the same.   We'll meet with you to talk about what you are considering.

Free Estimates                                                                                       We don't believe in one price fits all, because we customize our services to your needs.

Develop Your Move Plan
We will outline a plan that is specific to your needs.

Create Floor Plans
We will visit your new home, measure your rooms, and create floor plans for your furniture.

Organize and Sort your Possessions                                                                                         We will help you evaluate what you have and help you determine what 
should be moved to your new home.

Disposition of Items not Wanted or Needed
We will make arrangements for the things you no longer need or want.            
This includes working with Consignment Shops, Donating for Charitable                                                   Contributions, Tag Sales, to name a few.


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